Document tracking 101: A beginner's guide

In today’s data-driven world, managing, organising, and securing your data is absolutely essential. Efficient document tracking is one of the keys to protecting your confidential documents, and ensuring they’re being used in the appropriate manner. This guide will give you the 101 on document tracking, perfect for beginners who want to better manage their files. We'll also mention tools such as HelpRange, which can be employed for these purposes through their online platforms.

So, let’s get started.

## What is Document Tracking?

In essence, document tracking is the process of monitoring your electronic files and documents to see who is accessing them, when they are being accessed, and where they are being accessed from. This tool is highly valuable, especially for businesses that need to maintain the privacy and security of sensitive data. These can range from financial documents, to confidential client information, patented designs, or marketing strategies.
Document tracking gives an answer to potential questions like: Was our contract opened by our partner? How much time did they spend reading it? Did they just skim through the document or take a careful look on each page? All these data points can provide critical insight for a organization.

## Why Is Document Tracking Important?

The key reason why document tracking is important is for data security. As businesses become increasingly digital, protecting sensitive information from unauthorised access is not just integral, it's mandatory.
Document tracking allows you to see who has been accessing your files, providing a helpful layer of security. If an unauthorized person has been viewing your data, you'll be immediately alerted.
Moreover, document tracking can provide insightful analytics. For instance, sales teams can analyze how their proposals are received or HR teams monitoring the reach of their internal communications.

## How to Choose a Document Tracking Tool

When it comes to choosing the right tool for your document tracking, it's crucial to first establish what exactly your business needs. Are you looking for a tool that can offer powerful analytics? Or are you more interested in a tool that focuses on document confidentiality and protection?
Here, we’ve simplified your search by providing some key points to keep in mind while choosing a document tracking tool:
1. **Security and Confidentiality:** Security should be your topmost consideration. If you're dealing with sensitive information, ensure the software you pick provides robust encryption for your documents.
2. **User Friendly Interface:** The software should be easy to use. Not everyone within your organization might be tech-savvy, and having a tool that's usable by all is critical.

3. **Compatibility:** Ensure that the software supports your existing platforms and file types.

4. **Analytics:** If understanding how your files are used is important for your business strategy, choosing a tool with robust analytics is crucial.
5. **Support:** Check if the service provider offers a well-documented knowledge base or provides ongoing support to troubleshoot potential issues.

## Best Document Tracking Tools

There are a multitude of tools available online that offer document tracking services. Some reputable options include:
- **HelpRange:** On top of allowing you to see when, where and by whom your files were accessed, HelpRange can monitor the contents of the file that were viewed or how long each page was viewed for. This can provide quite detailed analytics.
- **Locklizard:** Offers high security document tracking by applying DRM controls. Ideal for researchers, writers, and creators, this tool allows you to prevent unauthorized access, copying and distribution of your digital content.
- **Digify:** Digify focuses more on the security side of document management. It allows you to set up user access permissions, watermarks, and even destruct files once they're no longer needed.
The bottom line is that document tracking is vital in today’s digital age for safeguarding your intellectual property and sensitive data. With an appropriate tool, this process is definitely simplified. However, dependence on technology should not negate the importance of enforcing strict guidelines and conducting regular audits for data protection.
We hope this guide provides you with an initial understanding of document tracking and helps you choose the right tool. Remember, the key goal is to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your data – don’t compromise on this essential business function.
In the era of digitization, mastering document tracking will give you a strategic edge and enable your business to function more securely and efficiently.

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