How document tracking can improve your business operations

Document tracking is a technology that gives businesses the power to view and monitor the activities revolving around corporate documentation at all times. It encapsulates the monitoring and scanning of electronically or physically tagged documents as they are created, edited, viewed, deleted, or transmitted, with these logs serving a variety of purposes; from security, auditing, and regulatory compliance to risk management and productivity tracking.
In an increasingly digital world where business operations are driven by vast amounts of information stored in documents, document tracking is no longer just a fancy extra but a necessity. Companies are discovering that proper document tracking can significantly improve their business operations in various ways, from facilitating seamless collaboration and reducing paperwork to preventing data breaches and ensuring regulatory compliance.
Document tracking systems come in many types and forms, offering features that span document management, sharing, security, analytics, and tooling. For instance, HelpRange is a cloud-based solution that provides a suite of features, including PDF usage analytics, document protection, content control, and insightful analytics, in an easy-to-use online platform.
In this article, we’re going to look at some of the ways that document tracking can positively impact your business operations.

1. Enhancing Data Security

In today's digital world, data breaches are unfortunately common, often leading to significant brand damage as well as legal and financial consequences. Document tracking can play a vital role in strengthening your company's data security.
With a document tracking system in place, organisations can have real-time visibility into document usage, enabling them to flag or block unauthorised access or manipulation. Tracking logs can also provide post-breach forensic evidence to determine the cause and scope of a data leak. Additionally, document tracking can help prevent the sharing of sensitive information, by ensuring documents are only available to authorised parties.

2. Facilitating Regulatory Compliance

For many businesses, especially those in sectors like healthcare, finance, and legal, maintaining regulatory compliance is a significant concern. Documentation requirements under regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX are stringent, and non-compliance can lead to heavy penalties.
By providing an accurate audit trail of document usage, document tracking can play a crucial role in helping businesses meet their regulatory obligations. It can provide proof of compliance to regulators and ease the burden of compliance audits.

3. Enabling Seamless Collaboration

Document tracking can significantly enhance collaborative work within a company. With a document tracking system, team members across different locations can work together on a document, with edits and modifications tracked and updated in real-time.
In addition, tracking can prevent versioning issues, as everyone involved can see what changes were made, when, and by whom. This eliminates confusion and enhances operational efficiency.

4. Increasing Productivity and Efficiency

Document tracking also helps streamline daily operations, reducing time spent looking for documents, resolving version conflicts, or verifying whether a document has been viewed or signed. It promotes operational efficiency by facilitating easy access and management of essential documents.

5. Providing Valuable Insights

Document tracking also generates usage analytics, providing valuable insights into how documents are being used within or outside an organisation. For example, businesses can see who viewed a document, when, for how long, on what device, and even which pages they spent the most time on.
These insights can inform decision-making, guiding companies on improving document design or taking steps to enhance document security based on usage trends.
In conclusion, the importance of a solid document tracking system cannot be overstated in today’s business landscape. Despite the initial cost and time investment, the benefits gained – be it securing your information, ensuring regulatory compliance, facilitating collaboration, increasing operational efficiency, or deriving valuable insights – make it a crucial tool for modern businesses. In a world where business is digital, and information is power, a robust document tracking system like HelpRange can be your business' silent guardian, ensuring your vital documents are properly tracked, protected, and leveraged.

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