How to Share Documents on DocuSign

DocuSign is one of the most reputable and reliable electronic signature software available in the market. It offers a user-friendly interface, allowing users to sign, send, and manage documents securely and efficiently from anywhere, anytime. One of the significant benefits of DocuSign is its ability to facilitate collaboration by allowing individuals and organizations to share documents electronically.
Sharing documents on DocuSign is easy and straightforward. However, it is essential to understand the basic steps and features required to share documents effectively. In this guide, we will discuss the steps on how to share documents on DocuSign.
1. Sign up for a DocuSign Account: The first step in sharing documents on DocuSign is to sign up for an account. Go to DocuSign's official website and sign up for a free account. Once you have successfully created an account, you can log in to your dashboard.
2. Upload the Document: The next step is to upload the document you want to share. DocuSign supports a wide range of formats, including Word, PDF, Excel, and more. Click on the "New" button and select "Document." Then, choose the document you want to upload from your computer or cloud storage service. Once you have uploaded the document to your DocuSign account, you can add recipients.
3. Add Recipients: DocuSign allows you to add multiple recipients to a document. To add recipients, click on the "Add Recipients" button. Enter the recipient's name and email address. You can also add a message to the recipient to provide additional information about the document. DocuSign allows you to set the recipient's access level, which determines their level of access to the document. You can set the recipient as a signer, a reviewer, or a copy recipient.
4. Create Signature Fields: The next step is to create signature fields for the recipients. DocuSign provides several options to create signature fields, including drag and drop, type to draw, and others. Choose the signature field option that suits your needs and drag or click to add the signature fields to the document.
5. Review and Send: Once you have added all the necessary information, review the document, and make sure that everything is correct. You can preview the document by clicking on the "Preview" button or use the "Send" button to send the document to the recipients.
6. Track and Monitor: After sending the document, you can track and monitor its progress. DocuSign provides real-time notifications and updates to the document owner and the recipients. You can see who has received and opened the document, track the signing progress of each recipient, and view the document's status.
7. Manage and Archive: DocuSign provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage and archive documents after completing the sign-off process. You can download the signed document, archive it, or use it for future reference.
In conclusion, sharing documents on DocuSign is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few steps. By following these steps, you can send, sign, and manage electronic documents securely and efficiently. DocuSign allows you to collaborate with others and provides a secure and reliable platform for all your electronic signature needs. Try DocuSign today and experience the benefits of digital document sharing.

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