How to Share Documents on Smartsheet

Shareholders in businesses, teammates in sports, class or team members in schools, or clients in organizations; they all require to be a part of a project or work to track progress, provide feedback and contribute ideas. Often, when working in groups, exchanging info or documents can be cumbersome and challenging. However, with Smartsheet, sharing files has been made easier and more effective.
Smartsheet is a web application that allows teams to collaborate effortlessly on projects in real-time. The software is accessible from any online device, making sharing documents with dispersed teams easy. As a team management tool, Smartsheet makes it go beyond a simple file-sharing service. Smartsheet helps users to manage projects using a visual interface that delivers dynamic Gantt charts, project timelines, and reports.
Sharing documents on Smartsheet is simple, and this article will take you through the necessary steps you need to take to share documents on Smartsheet.

Select your Documents

The first step to sharing files on Smartsheet is to pick which documents you want to share with members of your team. This can be an existing Smartsheet or documents stored on your desktop or cloud-based storage. Smartsheet allows many file types when sharing files. Select the file you want to share and ensure it is in the appropriate format. Smartsheet supports a range of file formats, including PDF, Excel, Powerpoint, Word, PNG, JPEG, and many others.

Contact and Invitations

Sharing a file on Smartsheet means you want other individuals on your team or outside your organization to have access to the document. This is accomplished via sharing links or invitations.

Inviting Individuals:

Inviting users is letting users know that a document is available to them, and they need permission to access it. Inviting people to join your sheet allows them to view, edit or comment on the sheet. Users invited via email get notified instantly by email, which contains a link that takes them straight to the sheet. Additionally, you can decide to limit the level of access each user has on the sheet and provide instructions to clarify what you need them to do.

Sharing links:

Sharing links usually involves creating a secure link that allows users to access the document directly without requiring permission or a Smartsheet account. The most common link setting used allows users to view the document, but they cannot edit it.
To create a link from Smartsheet, select the sheet you want to share. In the upper-right corner, click on Share> Get Sharing Link. A message box displays, containing the unique URL that users can access to the sheet.

Example: Share with Teams

If you want to share documents with your teammates in an organization, there are two primary ways to do this.

1. Share with a workspace:

You can share a sheet with a workspace to categorize your files accordingly. For instance, the sheet can be seen by members of the workspace, which is best for organizations where users are constrained to specific projects.
To share the sheet with a Workspace, click on Share in the top-right corner and select Share with Workspace. Choose a Workspace, set your preferred permission level, add the user email addresses and click Invite. You can always revoke permission at any time.

2. Share with team members:

You can share a document with individuals directly within your organization by sharing it with team members. This allows multiple team members to collaborate on the same document simultaneously.
To share the sheet with team members, click Share in the top-right corner and select Share with team members. Search for and add people to the sheet, select their permission level and click Invite.
Additionally, you can copy a shared URL to email or send out via slack channels to allow access to the document by other users. This option is best when sharing with external parties like clients or contractors.

Final Thoughts

Sharing documents may seem like a small issue, but it is essential when working on projects simultaneously. Smartsheet file sharing comes with an intuitive interface that makes it super intuitive for novice users to get started swiftly. As the walkthrough we have provided illustrates, sharing documents on Smartsheet is a simple and straightforward process. With these tips, you can quickly provide your team with everything they require to improve their workflow and provide excellent results.

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