How to Share Large Files Online

Sharing large files online has become an indispensable part of our daily life. Whether it is for work or personal use, people often come across the need to transfer large files such as high-resolution photos, videos, and documents.
Sending emails with attachments is one way of sharing files, but there are certain limitations to the size of files that can be attached. In such cases, sharing large files online through file-sharing services is the best option.

Here’s a guide that will help you to share large files online:

1. Assess your file size

Before sharing large files online, you need to assess the size of the file first. Most email services have a file size limit of 25 MB. If your file is larger than that, you might have to explore other options such as cloud-based file sharing services.

2. Choose a file-sharing service

There are many file-sharing services available online such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and WeTransfer. Some services offer free storage up to a certain limit, while others require a paid subscription for larger storage space.

3. Upload your files

Once you have selected the file-sharing service, you need to upload your files to the cloud-based storage. This can usually be done through the website of the service, by simply clicking on the Upload button. Alternatively, many file-sharing services offer desktop applications that allow you to drag and drop your files directly into the cloud storage.

4. Set permissions

When uploading files, you can choose to make it publicly accessible or limit the access to specific people. You can also set permissions to allow others to view or edit the files. If your files contain sensitive information, make sure to enable secure encryption options to protect them from unauthorized access.

5. Generate a link

Once your files are uploaded, generate a link to share with the intended recipients. This link can be shared using email, instant messaging, or any other communication channel of your choice.

6. Send the link

Send the link along with any other relevant information the recipient may need to access the files. You may also include instructions such as how to download, view or edit the files, depending on the permissions you have set.

7. Notify the recipient

Let the recipient know that you have sent the link and ask them to confirm if they have received it. It is important to follow up until the recipient has successfully accessed the files.
Sharing large files online is an easy and efficient way to transfer data. However, it is important to ensure that the services you use are safe, secure, and reliable. Also, make sure to adhere to any legal or company guidelines when sharing files. By following these steps, you can share large files online with ease and confidence.

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