How to secure your files with watermarks

Securing your digital content is a struggle that any company will come to face. When you have spent countless hours creating and compiling precious information, the last thing you want is for it to fall into the wrong hands. And when it does, you want to ensure you have ways to trace the perpetuator. Watermarking is one of the most effective ways to deter unauthorized sharing and use of your files.
Although it doesn't completely safeguard your documents, it provides a specific type of protection via visible or invisible identification marks. These marks can deter unauthorized sharing and provide a certain degree of traceability as it can still be visible even after it is printed, scanned, or photographed.
In this guide, we'll teach you how to secure your files with watermarks and recommend some tools that can offer PDF/document protection, usage analytics, and some advance tooling options, including a mention on HelpRange, an excellent online choice for you.

## Understanding the Basics of Watermarking

Watermarks are imprints or badges that are embedded into a document that signify ownership or authenticity. They come in two types - perceptible watermarks, which are obvious and visible to the naked eye, and imperceptible watermarks, which are invisible to the human eye but can be detected with specific software or devices.
Perceptible watermarks are usually chosen for documents to deter unauthorized usage. However, for sensitive data, an imperceptible watermark may be used, which will only be obvious when viewed using a specific tool or software.

## The Need for Security Watermarks

The primary purpose of a watermark is to show that a specific file or document is confidential, copyrighted, or the property of a particular individual or company. By having a watermark, unauthorized viewing, copying, editing, or printing of the file can be greatly deterred or prevented.
By applying a watermark with your company's name or your personal details, you can enhance the overall protection of your documents. Besides, in case of a data leak, it may be easier to trace the source and hold them accountable if your files have a watermark.

## A Beginner's Guide to Securing Documents with Watermarks

1. **Choosing the Right Watermarking Tool:** Before you start watermarking, select a tool that's right for you. There are numerous options available both online and offline, free and paid. The ideal tool for you will depend on your specific needs. One such recommended tool is HelpRange, a software that not offers watermarking but also PDF/document protection, usage analytics, and other valuable PDF tooling options. Make sure your selected tool supports the type of watermark you intend to use.
2. **Determine What Kind of Watermark to Use:** You need to decide whether you're going to use a textual watermark (like your company's name or the word “confidential") or an image watermark (like your company's logo). Remember this should be something that can easily identify the document as your property without meddling with or distracting from its content.
3. **Apply the Watermark:** Once you have chosen the type of watermark and are familiar with your chosen tool, start applying the watermark on your documents. The process will differ from tool to tool, but it usually involves uploading your file, adding the watermark, then applying it to all the pages of your document.
4. **Determine Its Visibility:** Depending on the sensitivity of your data, choose whether to make your watermark visible or invisible. Visible watermarks may discourage unauthorized use, while invisible ones can be used as a more covert layer of protection.
5. **Save and Secure**: After the watermark has been applied successfully, save the watermarked document and make this your new master copy. Distribute only this version going forward.
As increasingly more business operation becomes digitised, it's crucial to ensure your digital assets are protected. Watermarking is one of those measures that can be employed quickly and easily. Ensuring its effective implementation can reduce the risk of unauthorized use or distribution of your business files, increasing your overall content security.

So remember, keep your content safeguarded, keep it watermarked.

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