How to Use PDF Sales Tracking to Improve Your Website Design

PDF sales tracking is an essential tool for any online retailer serious about improving their website design. Before delving into how it works, let's take a moment to understand the basics of PDF sales tracking.

What is PDF Sales Tracking?

PDF sales tracking allows online retailers to collect data about the products they sell in the form of PDF files. This data includes information about customer preferences, popular products, and purchasing trends. The software used to collect this data records every sale and analyses the information, allowing e-commerce companies to make more informed decisions about their product offerings.

How Can You Use PDF Sales Tracking to Improve Website Design?

Improving website design through PDF sales tracking is a multi-step process. You'll need to:

1. Analyse Your Data

The first step is to analyse your PDF sales tracking data. This will give you insights into your customers' behaviours, preferences, and shopping habits. Once you have a clear understanding of how your customers shop, you can use this information to create a better website experience that caters to their needs.

2. Identify Your Most Popular Products

Once you've analysed your data, you should have a good idea of which products are the most popular. You'll want to focus on these products when designing your website since they are the ones that will drive the most sales. Consider creating a special landing page for your most popular products or featuring them prominently on your homepage.

3. Improve Your Navigation

Good website navigation is essential for keeping customers on your site and engaged with your products. Using your PDF sales tracking data, you can identify the most popular categories and products and ensure they are easily accessible from your homepage. Make sure your navigation is intuitive and easy to use so that customers can find what they are looking for quickly.

4. Use Your Most Popular Products to Inform Design Choices

Your most popular products can also inform your design choices. For example, if you sell clothing and one particular item is extremely popular, consider using the colours or patterns from that item in your website design. This will help create a cohesive brand identity and make your website more visually appealing to customers.

5. A/B Test Your Design Changes

Finally, make sure to A/B test any design changes you make to your website. This means creating two versions of a webpage and testing them with different groups of customers to see which one performs better. By doing this, you can be sure that the design changes you make are actually improving your website's performance.


PDF sales tracking is an essential tool for any online retailer looking to improve their website design. By analysing your data, identifying your most popular products, improving your navigation, using popular products to inform design choices, and A/B testing design changes, you can create a website that meets your customers' needs and drives more sales.

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