The Top Features to Look for in Proposal Software

As more businesses embrace digital transformation, utilizing proposal software has become a norm for many organizations. Proposal software streamlines the process of creating, sending, tracking, and managing proposals. This process not only saves businesses a lot of time but also enhances the image of the organization by making its proposals look more professional. However, various proposal software on the market come with different features and capabilities. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the most desirable features that your business needs.
To help you make a wise investment, we have compiled a list of the top features you should look for when investing in proposal software.

#1. Proposal Creation Tools

The primary feature of proposal software should be its ability to allow easy creation of professional and impressive proposals. Look for a tool that has customizable templates providing a wide range of styles and formats. Including information should be an intuitive and seamless process. Some proposal software also offers drag-and-drop functionality, making it easier to insert images, tables, or charts.

#2. Integration Capabilities

Your proposal software should be able to integrate easily with other tools you already use. This feature allows you to streamline your process and avoid switching between different platforms. Your proposal software should integrate with your CRM, accounting software, email tools, or productivity apps.

#3. Electronic Signatures

Having the ability to sign electronically streamlines the approval process. The software should also be legally binding and follow eSignature laws such as ESIGN act in the US and eIDAS within the EU. This feature will make it faster and easier for the client to give their approval, and it will make the approval process a lot simpler for your team.

#4. Analytics and Reporting

Having insight into the performance of your proposals is valuable. With analytics and reporting features, you can easily track the metrics that matter—inclusive of the number of views, time spent per section, etc. This feature assists in identifying what works and what doesn’t, hence gives you an idea on how you can improve your proposals.
In addition, some companies offer PDF usage analytics. That can help you get even more granular information about how your proposal is being used. HelpRange, an online tool, is one such platform that ensures document protection and provides you with comprehensive PDF usage analytics.

#5. Collaboration Features

Your proposal software should allow your team to collaborate in real-time, give feedback, or make changes simultaneously. It comes in handy when several members of your team are contributing towards a proposal. It centralizes the process and prevents any confusion about versions or modifications, promoting efficiency and consistency.

#6. Automation of Proposals

Automation is another vital feature your proposal software should possess. It translates into less manual work, less time spent formatting, and fewer mistakes. Businesses can automate different parts of their proposals such as the executive summary, pricing, terms and conditions etc. This helps to reduce redundancy and saves time.

#7. Security and Compliance

When you're sharing business proposals, especially sensitive ones, you want assurance that your data is secure. Look for proposal software that offers robust data protection mechanisms and complies with data privacy laws. Features to look out for include encryption, two-factor authentication, and audit trails.

#8. Cloud-Based

A cloud-based proposal software allows you to work on your proposals from anywhere, any time, and on any device. It also eliminates the need for constant software updates and hardware maintenance.

#9. Client Interaction

Look for proposal software that facilitates client interaction. The ability to comment within the proposal, view revisions, or ask questions directly within the proposal can help streamline the approval process and improve communication between you and your clients.


Choosing the right proposal software for your business can shift the paradigm for your sales team, allowing them to operate with increased efficiency and effectiveness. By prioritizing these must-have features accordingly, you’ll be well on your way to finding a platform that meets your sales proposal needs. Remember any investment in a tool should align with your business objectives, improve processes, and ultimately, enhance your bottom-line results.

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