How to Securely Store Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are an important asset for any business. They keep competitors at bay, help grow revenue, and sustain profits. All businesses, both big and small, have trade secrets that they safeguard. A trade secret is any confidential information that a business has, which gives it competitive advantage over others in the market. This can include customer data, recipes, formulas, production techniques, designs, and processes. Since trade secrets are important for the success of a business, keeping them securely is paramount. In this article, we will discuss how to securely store trade secrets to keep them safe from unauthorized access, theft, or loss.

Understand the Definition of Trade Secrets

The first step in securing a trade secret is to understand what it is. A trade secret is any confidential information that a company has which gives it an advantage over others in the market. This could include a recipe, production techniques, designs, processes, customer data, and much more. You need to identify what information in your business constitutes as a trade secret. Once identified, you can take steps to protect it.

Create a Trade Secret Policy

A trade secret policy is a guide that outlines how a company should handle and safeguard its confidential information. This policy should detail how to define trade secrets, how to create a confidentiality agreement between employees and the company, how to handle the organization's confidential information, and how to deal with potential breaches. The policy should also address the penalties that could result from breaches.

Establish Physical Security Measures

Physical security measures include access control, locking systems, surveillance systems, and alarm systems. Access control limits physical access to confidential information to only those employees who need it to perform their duties. The access control system should be updated regularly, with only the authorized persons granted access. Surveillance systems should also be installed to monitor who comes in and out of the facility.

Establish Cybersecurity Measures

A cybersecurity strategy is necessary to prevent theft, hacking, or data breaches. The cybersecurity measures include antivirus software, firewalls, encryption, and access controls. Antivirus software should be installed on all computers to prevent malware and viruses from attacking the system. Firewalls are used to protect against unauthorized access to the organization's systems. Encryption protects data by scrambling it, so if the data is stolen, it is unreadable. Access controls limit who can access the organization's online systems and prevent unauthorized access.

Employee Training

Employees must understand the importance of protecting confidential information, and why it is necessary. Employee training should include the legal implications of trade secret theft and the penalties for non-compliance. They should know what the trade secrets are, how they should handle them, and what procedures to follow in case of a breach.

Document All Trade Secrets

It is essential to document all trade secrets within the organization. This helps to identify all the trade secrets, determine their value and importance and establish who has access to them. Documenting trade secrets also ensures that they are protected and safeguarded according to the policy as outlined in the trade secret policy of the organization.

Review and Update Policies Regularly

The policies and procedures that support the protection of trade secrets have to be reviewed and updated frequently. Changes in employees, technology, and business processes could potentially affect the policies currently in place. A regular review and update of policies is necessary to ensure that they remain relevant and effective.


Trade secrets are a valuable asset to any business, and they must be protected at all costs. Establishing a trade secret policy, physical and cybersecurity measures, employee training, documenting all trade secrets, and regular reviews and updates of the policies are crucial aspects of securing trade secrets. These steps will help to protect business secrets from unauthorized access and ensure the stability and longevity of any business.

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