How to Use Remarketing to Increase Document Sales

As the world becomes more digital, businesses are shifting their attention to online marketing. This means that businesses can now make use of techniques like remarketing to increase their sales. The sheer amount of online users makes the online market a great opportunity to make sales, and remarketing allows businesses to make use of this opportunity by targeting potential buyers. In this article, we will explore how to use remarketing to increase document sales and how the technique has helped small and large businesses.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is an online advertisement technique that allows businesses to keep their products and services in front of potential customers who have previously visited their website or expressed interest in their products. This technique works by using browser cookies to track users' activity on a website, and then targeting these users with specific ads across various websites and social media platforms.
The goal of remarketing is to remind potential customers of products that they viewed on a website, encourage them to return to the website, and ultimately make a purchase. Remarketing campaigns can be run with various types of ads, including display ads, search ads, and social media ads.

Using Remarketing to Increase Document Sales

The use of remarketing can be an effective strategy for increasing document sales by targeting viewers who showed interest but did not complete the purchase. Here are some steps businesses can take to use remarketing to increase document sales.

1. Set up a Remarketing Campaign

The first step in using remarketing to increase document sales is to set up a remarketing campaign. This can be done by creating a remarketing list on Google AdWords or other ad platforms. The list will contain the tracking data of viewers who visited a specific page or pages on the website. From the data, businesses can create advertisements that target users who showed interest in the products, whether they abandoned their cart or viewed specific pages.

2. Choose the Right Ad Types

Different types of ads work better for different types of target audiences. Therefore, businesses need to determine which ad type will be effective for them. In the case of document sales, display ads and search ads may be the most effective. Display ads are banners that appear on other websites, whereas search ads appear when users search for keywords related to the business. However, social media ads may be a great choice if the documents are meant for social media marketing.

3. Create Ads that Focus on the Benefits

The ad design should focus on the benefits of the documents, highlighting the need for the documents and why they should make the purchase. The ads should be clear and motivating to encourage the viewer to purchase the document.

4. Use a Dynamic Remarketing Campaign

A dynamic remarketing campaign uses a personalized ad design to re-engage potential customers with products they viewed on a website. This campaign creates ads that display the products a user viewed the most in the past. Dynamic remarketing campaigns can be highly effective in encouraging users to complete a purchase.

5. Track Performance and Revise Campaigns

Businesses must monitor their remarketing campaigns' performance and revise them to ensure they are achieving the desired results. Tracking involves measuring metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). A good Remarketing campaign should have a high conversion rate and a decent ROAS.

Remarketing Success Stories

Remarketing is a powerful tool that businesses can use to increase sales. Many businesses have used remarketing campaigns to great effect. One example is Expedia, a well-known travel website that used remarketing to increase its sales by 30%.
Another success story is Zulily, an online retail store that specializes in children's clothing and toys. Zulily used remarketing to increase its sales by 50%, and its website visits by 34%. Moreover, through a well-structured remarketing campaign, Zulily was able to increase the number of users it acquired further, not just sales.


Remarketing is a powerful technique that can help businesses increase their document sales tremendously. The technique presents a cost-effective way to target potential customers and motivate them to complete a purchase. By following the steps mentioned above, businesses can use remarketing to boost their sales and beat their competition. Moreover, by monitoring the performance of their remarketing campaigns, they can optimize their campaigns further. By implementing remarketing, businesses can reach out to previous visitors and ensure that their products and services remain in their audience's minds.

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