The Best Platforms for Selling Ebooks to Libraries

As an author, when it comes to selling your eBooks to libraries, you can't just stumble upon success. You need a well-thought-out plan that includes finding and utilizing the best platforms to get your book in front of librarians and ultimately into their collection.
While there are several platforms to sell eBooks to libraries, we're going to focus on the top ones to help you make an informed decision. In this article, we will outline the best platforms for selling eBooks to libraries and their features.


OverDrive is probably the most popular platform for selling eBooks to libraries. They work with over 43,000 libraries across the world, making it a perfect platform to expand your reach. One of the reasons for their success is their easy-to-use platform. The platform helps authors and publishers offer their eBooks to libraries in the simplest way possible.
OverDrive provides free access to your eBooks to libraries for a specific period. This ensures that people can access the content for free, increasing its exposure and driving purchases from readers who want to add the book to their personal collection.
In addition to promoting your book through library catalogs and systems, OverDrive also offers various marketing options to help you advertise your book in the library market. These include targeted email campaigns, social media marketing, and online advertising.

Baker & Taylor

Baker & Taylor is another popular platform for selling eBooks to libraries. They have been in the business for over 180 years and have built relationships with thousands of libraries worldwide. One of the benefits of using Baker & Taylor is that they can help streamline library eBook acquisition workflow. They can also provide deeper insights into the book's performance in the market, which can be useful for future marketing efforts.
On this platform, authors can sell their eBooks on a non-exclusive basis, giving them the freedom to sell their book on other platforms. Baker & Taylor also offers a revenue sharing option for publishers who don't want to pay upfront.

Axis 360

Axis 360 is a subsidiary of Baker & Taylor and offers eBooks for libraries. However, one of the advantages of using Axis 360 is that it is more than a platform for selling eBooks to libraries. It's a platform for ebooks, audiobooks, and other digital content, so authors can sell any type of digital content on Axis 360.
Axis 360 is a cloud-based platform that offers a smooth reading experience and synchronization across devices, allowing users to pick up their reading where they left off on any device. They have partnered with libraries of all kinds, including academic, public, and school libraries.


EBSCOhost is a bit different from the other platforms mentioned here. Rather than directly selling eBooks to libraries, EBSCOhost offers subscription services to libraries. EBSCOhost provides access to research databases, e-books, and journals via institutional and library subscriptions.
This platform is more suited for authors of academic and research books rather than fiction writers. However, if you've written a book that does well in libraries, you may consider offering the book in EBSCOhost's databases.


Selling eBooks to libraries is a lucrative market for authors and publishers. But it takes more than writing a great eBook to succeed in this competitive market. You also need to find the right platform to sell your book to libraries.
OverDrive is the most popular platform for selling eBooks to libraries, followed by Baker & Taylor, and Axis 360. EBSCOhost is more focused on serving academic and research libraries. These platforms have different features to suit different types of eBooks and authors' needs. By utilizing these platforms, authors can tap into an outstanding market and grow their book's readership.

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