Online Contract Signing in the IT Industry

The advent of digitalization has significantly transformed several aspects of the IT industry. Now, agreements between companies no longer necessitate cumbersome paperwork or the hassle of in-person meetings. One of these significant game-changers is the concept of online contract signing. This innovative tech advancement allows businesses to carry out contract negotiations and signing more efficiently, conveniently, and quickly.
In the IT industry, an area fraught with intellectual property rights and confidentiality issues, it is important to handle contracts with the utmost care and attention. Traditionally, these contracts were papersome and required numerous sign-offs. It was not uncommon to have a 40-page contract go back and forth until every clause was agreed upon, corrected, and signed off. With the existence of online contract signing, this entire process has seen a complete transformation.
Online contract signing is the application of electronic signatures to contracts or agreements over the internet. An electronic signature is data in electronic form logically associated with other data and used by the signatory to sign a contract. With the adoption of this technology, IT companies can perform more transactions in lesser time, cutting down on resources like paper and other infrastructural costs.
Utilizing online contract signing tools enables your business to go completely digital. When a contract requires approval, it is sent digitally and can be signed using an electronic signature. It takes just a few clicks for a legally binding signature to be attached to a contract, which can then be returned to the sender.
Just like in-person signing, online contract signing involves a process to ensure its legality and security. It starts with a request for a signature, followed by identification and authentication of the signer. Then, it involves the capture of the signer's intention to sign, confirmation of the signer's understanding and agreement, and finally, the secure recording of the signed contract.
While plenty of online contract signing tool options are available now, it's essential to pick one that adds real value to your business, has a robust and user-friendly interface, and offers high security. The tool must also conform to laws and regulations on electronic signatures and records. At present, electronic signatures are legally binding in almost every industrialized country, and even less developed countries are starting to enact e-signature laws.
However, along with the contract signing, there's also a need for contract management. It's important to protect your documents, track changes made, monitor the usage analytics and then, based on these analytics, making future decisions. Contract management is establishing the overall flow of the contract's lifecycle, right from creation to negotiation, execution, and analysis of the contract for maximization of operational and financial performance.
A tool which caters to all these needs is HelpRange. It is an online platform that allows you to prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements. It's not just limited to contract signing; it offers a wide range of PDF and document protection solutions. Equipped with sophisticated security measures, HelpRange ensures that your contracts are protected from unauthorized access. With in-built PDF usage analytics, it provides insights into how your documents are consumed. This detailed usage analytics can help you plan better strategies and draw valuable conclusions. HelpRange ensures seamless contract management, along with additional functionalities like PDF tooling and others.
In conclusion, the future of contracting in the IT industry lies in online contract signing. The speed, convenience, lower costs, and enhancement of business transactions make it a compelling case for businesses. If chosen wisely, the right contract management tool can ensure a smooth and efficient contract signing process, meeting all the regulations and providing security simultaneously. However, to harness the full potential of these technologies and enhance their contracting activities, IT businesses must stay current on technological advancements and continuously educate themselves about them.

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