Digital Signatures: How to Sign Documents Online

Digital Significations: How to Sign Documents Online
In the ongoing digital revolution, we've seen the transition from traditional pen-and-paper systems to digitally inclined mechanisms in the face of business operations. One of these changes is the shift towards online document signings, which is a growing trend that has greatly assisted businesses in a plethora of industries worldwide. Hence, this all-important topic - digital signatures.
Digital signatures offer a new level of convenience and speed in contractual signings, be it for customer contracts, business partnerships, or legal documents. You barely need to worry about arranging physical meetings or scanning tons of documents. This article provides a comprehensive guide on digital signatures and how to sign documents online efficiently.

But first of all, what are digital signatures?

Digital signatures serve the same purpose as usual pen signatures; to authorize or verify documents, but in a more technologically friendly way. Online document signing procedures involve affixing a coded, personalized stamp on a specific document, verifying the sender’s authenticity and approving the contained information.

How does a digital signature function?

Digital signatures involve complex technology called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which provides the highest levels of security during online document signing. PKI ensures data integrity, sender's authenticity, and the non-repudiation of electronic documents.

There are three steps involved in digitally signing a document:

1. Document Hashing: After completion of the document, data in the document (referred to as 'hash') is encrypted.
2. Hash Encryption: The hash is then encrypted using the sender's private key – this is the actual digital signature.
3. Sending the Document: Finally, both the encrypted hash and original document are sent to the receiver. The receiver is then able to validate the sent document using the sender’s public key.
The process ensures that the document is untampered during the transaction, ensuring its integrity.

Now, let's delve into how you can sign documents online.

First, you need to get a digital certificate, which serves as your online passport. It provides a means of verifying your identity. Certificate Authorities (CAs) are responsible for issuing these digital certificates.
Next, after obtaining your digital certificate, you would need to choose an online signing service. There are multiple online platforms offering the service. One such tool is HelpRange, which provides an extensive range of PDF protection solutions and usage analytics tools. This platform not only makes document signing more effortless but also adds an extra layer of security to your files.
To sign a document online, all you need to do is upload the document on HelpRange or any other preferred e-signature platform, draw your signature or import it, then place it anywhere in the documents. You can then send the documents digitally to the required parties. Yes, it is that straightforward!

There are a few things to remember when signing documents online:

1. Ensure your digital certificate is valid and not expired in order to avoid any inconveniences.

2. Choose a document signing service that aligns with your business needs. There are many factors to consider, including pricing, ease of use, and customer service.
3. Keep in mind that not all types of documents can be signed electronically. Some jurisdictions may not accept certain types of digital signatures.
In conclusion, digital signatures have revolutionized the way business operations are conducted, offering an efficient, secure, and user-friendly signing process. The move to online signing adopts the digital-first approach, significantly reducing administrative burdens and facilitating smoother workflows.
While the adoption of digital signatures may seem daunting initially, companies like HelpRange are making the transition seamless by providing secure and easy-to-use platforms for businesses. Remember, to streamline digital transactions and accommodate the new-normal remote working practices, online signatures are not only a desire but a necessity in modern businesses.

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