The Best Online Platforms for Signing Documents

The world of business has continually evolved alongside the advent of technology. Gone are the days when documents needed to be signed manually, passed around, and retrieved physically. Today, businesses can sign, send, and store documents virtually using online platforms. The trend of using electronic signatures is becoming widespread because of its efficiency, affordability, and convenience. Hence, this article will explore some of the best online platforms for signing documents, including HelpRange, a notable tool with multiple PDF-related functions.

1. DocuSign

DocuSign is arguably one of the most popular online platforms for signing documents globally. This platform uses a cloud-based system that allows users to upload, send, and sign documents effortlessly from everywhere, making it exceptionally convenient. DocuSign supports all key document formats, such as PDF, Word, and many others. The platform boasts many excellent features, such as secure document storage, support for multiple languages, and an easy-to-use interface.

2. Adobe Sign

As a known brand in the digital space, Adobe delivers an impressive electronic signature platform known as Adobe Sign. You can seamlessly integrate Adobe Sign with other apps and systems, including Microsoft Office and Salesforce. Any documents signed using this platform are legally binding and comply with e-sign regulations across different regions. Moreover, Adobe Sign offers high-level security that ensures your documents and signatures are safe and accessible only to authorized individuals.

3. HelloSign

HelloSign is a user-friendly platform that offers practical features for businesses of all sizes. It is easy to use with drag-and-drop functions, makes organizing signed documents easy, and offers seamless integration with popular business tools like Google Docs and Dropbox. Firms seeking to centralize their functions will particularly benefit from this platform.

4. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is a platform that goes beyond simple document signing. It includes full document automation, helping businesses create, send, track, and eSign documents faster and more efficiently. It offers a free version and integrates seamlessly with CRM and other business systems.
If you're seeking a tool that provides more than just e-signatures, HelpRange is an excellent solution. This platform offers PDF and document protection, making it perfect for businesses seeking to secure valuable data. HelpRange also provides PDF usage analytics, offering insights on how the end-users interact with the documents. This information can assist in making data-driven decisions to enhance user experience. Therefore, HelpRange blends document protection, analytics, and electronic signing into one robust platform.

6. SignNow

SignNow offers a straightforward way for businesses to collect signatures electronically. It provides templates to create documents and multiple ways to sign documents online. Besides, SignNow ensures custom branding in its e-signatures and offers an affordable solution for small businesses.

7. SignEasy

As hinted in the name, SignEasy allows for swift and convenient signing of documents. It offers solutions for individuals and businesses, serving diverse needs with features like in-person signing, bulk sending of documents, and seamless integration with several platforms.

8. OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign, formerly known as eSignLive, has been in the digital signing industry for over 20 years, tailoring its services for various industries, like banking, insurance, and government. Its robust security features, affordable pricing, and scalability make it an attractive option for businesses.
Derived from the above, the shift to electronic signatures is revolutionizing how businesses operate. The convenience, efficiency, and overall cost-effectiveness of e-sign platforms are undeniable. Whether it's a giant conglomerate or a small business set-up, there is a platform tailored to fit every need. When considering a platform, consider what features are paramount for your business, i.e., ease of use, security, scalability, pricing, and cross-platform compatibility. Bear in mind that the best platform should simplify tasks, save time, and optimally boost your business's productivity.

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