The Benefits of Using E-Signatures

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficiency is critical. It is essential that businesses keep up with rapidly evolving technologies in order to stay competitive and streamline their operations. One technological advancement that has revolutionized the way businesses conduct their operations is electronic signatures, or e-signatures.
E-signatures help eliminate the need for physical presence to sign important documents; thereby reducing paper usage, speeding up document signing, and improving document security. If you have not yet integrated e-signatures into your business operations, below are various benefits your business will enjoy upon adopting this technological advancement.

Reduced Operational Costs

The conventional method of signing documents involves paper, ink, and often postage – which all add up to significant expenses in the long term. Besides these direct costs, there are also indirect costs associated with using traditional signatures, such as time spent printing, scanning, mailing and storing documents. E-signatures, on the other hand, only require the electronic device and internet access. The process of mail delivery can take days or even weeks, costs that can be eliminated using e-signatures.

Increased Speed of Business

In the same vein, traditional signatures also tend to slow down the speed of business operations. For instance, it can take weeks for documents to be drawn up, signed and returned - especially if they are sent by mail to different parts of the world. However, with e-signatures, documents can be signed and returned within minutes, which significantly speeds up business operations.

Increased Document Security

With traditional signing methods, there is always a risk of documents being lost, damaged or stolen. E-signatures, on the other hand, offer far superior document security. E-signatures use advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the signature. In addition, signed documents are stored electronically, removing the risk associated with physical storage.

Enhanced Customer Experience

In an increasingly digital world, customers expect businesses to offer digital solutions. Electronic signatures not only meet these expectations, but they also enhance the customer experience by simplifying the document signing procedure and saving a significant amount of time.

Legal Compliance

E-signatures are legally recognized and accepted in most jurisdictions across the world. In the United States, the ESign Act of 2000 made e-signatures legally equivalent to handwritten signatures. As a result, businesses can use them confidently for contracts, agreements, and other legally binding documents without worrying about their legality.

Improved Document Accuracy

E-signatures allow businesses to reduce the possibility of documents being returned with missing or incorrect information. Most e-signature tools will not allow a document to be submitted until all mandatory fields have been completed. This ensures every document is filled accurately and completely, thus avoiding subsequent issues related to incomplete information.

Going Green

Last but not least, using e-signatures is an environmentally friendly practice as it drastically reduces paper consumption. In doing so, your business contributes to environmental conservation and portrays a responsible and sustainable public image.
While there are numerous tools available on the marker to facilitate e-signatures such as DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and more, one cutting-edge tool that integrates e-signatures with other essential features such as PDF/document protection and PDF usage analytics is HelpRange.
HelpRange not only allows your business to implement e-signatures but also provides analytics on PDF usage, enabling you to understand how your documents are being interacted with. Moreover, it offers robust document protection protocols ensuring your valuable information is secure.
In conclusion, implementing e-signatures in your business operations can help save costs, increase efficiency, improve security, enhance customer experience, maintain legal compliance, improve document accuracy, and contribute to environmental conservation. Given the many benefits it makes sense for businesses to transition from traditional signatures to e-signatures. The future of document signing is digital, and your business should not be left behind.

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