One of the best Venue VDR alternatives: HelpRange

Private virtual data rooms for your documents & files. Analyze usage of your documents.

Thousands of companies (big and small) who trusted HelpRange include:

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Features Table Comparison

Features HelpRange Venue Virtual Data Room
Document Heat Mapping Yes X
Time Spent Per Page Yes X
View Individual Sessions (Heat Maps) Yes X
Avg Time Spent Per Day Yes X
Avg Page Count Per Day Yes X
Views Count Per Day Yes X
Engagement Score Per Day Yes X
Control & Security
Private Data Room Yes Yes
Disallow forwarding Yes Yes
Allow Download & Print Yes Yes
Screenshot Protection Yes X
One-viewer limit per document Yes X
Passcode Yes Yes
Expiration Date Yes Yes
Watermarking Yes Yes
Disallow Forwarding Yes X
IP-Address Access Restriction Yes X
Granular Link Level Access Control Yes Yes
Other features
Branded Document Viewer Yes Yes
3rd Party Widgets Yes X
From $87/month
- Unlimited documents/files

HelpRange Provides Deeper Analytics and Tracking Information versus Venue Virtual Data Room

Heat Mapping Provides More Than Time on Page Data

With document heat mapping you not only know which page is viewed the most, you can now also see which part of the document gets the most attention. You can even see how much interest there is in a specific sentence or paragraph and make changes or decisions based on these findings. You can understand more about document engagement compared to Venue Virtual Data Room’s basic page analytics.

Insightful Document Metrics

Get website level analytics for your documents with HelpRange. You will know who is viewing your document, understand opening dates and times and even measure how long people spend on a page which is all added up in the document engagement rating. Get in-depth tracking metrics by placing UTM codes to your links so you can track your sources.

HelpRange Provides More Control As Well As Security

Complete Control of Access

Simple and straightforward document management lets you control access, restrict documents to specific IP addresses, set one-viewer at a time restrictions, make document updates after you have sent it, revoke access to your files and set passwords and expiration dates for documents too. Complete and secure control of your documents inside private virtual data room.

Security and Privacy as Top Priority

We take security and privacy of your data as our top priority. HelpRange server-side encryption uses one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), to encrypt your data.

„Our Sales Team is incredibly excited about HelpRange. We share securely our initial PDF offers and other marketing materials with HelpRange VDR and it provides so much value by showing in-depth insights about clients’ behaviors. It gives a lot of information how to qualify a given lead and anticipate the sales potential of a given prospect.”

Matt, Marketing Manager at Boldare


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