Share Encrypted Documents, Never Use Attachments Again

HelpRange for legal teams provides you with secure document sharing and analytics.

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Control Access To Your Documents

Simple and straightforward document management lets you control access, restrict documents to specific IP addresses, set one-viewer at a time restrictions, make document updates after you have sent it, revoke access to the link and set passwords and expiration dates for documents too. Complete and secured control of your documents.

Document Heat mapping

Send documents from NDAs to purchase orders and see where users are focusing more and areas that are being skipped over. Dig deeper to understand if a focus area is a concern by using real-time heat mapping and get the problem resolved quickly to ensure there is no wasted time.

Document Analytics in Real-time

Know who opened your document, when they did it and which pages they spent the most time on. HelpRange helps you see how individuals are interacting with your legal documents, making changes where it is needed based on data.

Customize and Embed your document Viewer

Maintain a professional on brand look and feel with easy to customize and embed document viewer options. Add public documents, embed your document viewer and review how users are interacting with your documents.
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Update Documents After Sending

Instead of updating documents with new information and then resending it you can just update the document in HelpRange and it will be visible to everyone with the link. Save time and improve your workflow.

„Our Sales Team is incredibly excited about HelpRange. We share our initial document offers and other marketing materials with HelpRange and it provides so much value by showing in-depth insights about clients’ behaviors. It gives a lot of information how to qualify a given lead and anticipate the sales potential of a given prospect.”

Matt, Marketing Manager at Boldare

Security and Privacy as Top Priority

We take security and privacy of your data as our top priority. HelpRange server-side encryption uses one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), to encrypt your data.


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