10 Best Proposal Software for 2023

Drafting proposals is a time sink. Unfortunately, spending several hours sending emails and files to various people is the norm. Processes become more complex over time, and often offers or files need to be sent to and accepted by many people. However, the ability to write proposals is critical to ensuring those processes go as smoothly as possible! There is a way to do it faster and more efficiently! Thanks to this article, you will learn about the ten best pieces of proposal software with overviews that will allow you to compare and evaluate each of them quickly. This way you can easily find the perfect tool for your company. Here is our list!

1. HelpRange

2. Formstack

3. Bidsketch

4. HoneyBook

5. Qwilr

6. QuoteWerks

7. Better Proposals

8. Nusii

9. Google Drive

10. PandaDoc

But first…

Why Do We Use Proposal Software?

As we mentioned in the introduction, it is all about saving time! For most employees, preparing proposals is extremely time-consuming and they focus a lot of attention on it that could be spent on another part of their work.

However, proposals have an impact on other aspects too. The satisfaction of clients and business partners should be taken into account too, so impress them by using professional-looking proposal templates. Also, speeding up and having full control over document circulation will make cooperation much more effective.

Good organization of the company’s administration contributes to a better workflow as well. Employees can be sure that important documents have been delivered to the right people and have knowledge about who has opened them.

As you can see, such software can be indispensable, even in a small organization. No matter what your company does, you can have everything under control with the right tool. So choose one from our list and enjoy the time you save 😉

Software For Small Businesses

This workflow software is ideal for small and medium-sized companies. It offers a full, comprehensive administration center. In Formstack, there are 200 available templates with ready-made business forms that you can customize according to your needs. By choosing this tool you can count on the full automation of workflows, such as data or payment collection.

Formstack is also intuitive and easy to use. Its dashboard provides a visual presentation of all data, such as conversion and abandonment rates. The tool has as many as 40 integrations, including Slack, PayPal, and Zendesk. The tool costs $19 per month, per user, or you could choose the Gold version for $82.50 per month for five users. Remember that there is a 14-day free trial available.

Bidsketch is a piece of proposal software that helps you close deals in minutes, allowing you to focus on your work. This tool makes it easy to reuse proposal templates, pricing items, content, and designs, which is a big time saver! Bidsketch also has electronic signatures for a faster sales process, so no more scanning, printing, or faxing documents. By using this software, online signature deals come back 60% faster than with PDFs (though PDF export is also an option). When a customer opens a document, the software immediately notifies you by sending an email alert. This keeps you up to date with each client and project. The three pricing options are: Solo Yearly for $23 per month (1 user, out of team management feature), Team Yearly for $47 per month (3 users, has the additional real-time collaboration option), and Business Yearly for $119 per month (8 users, all features available).

This is a cloud-based customer relationship management system. It is especially dedicated to helping small businesses streamline business processes such as signatures and invoice payments. HoneyBook allows users to view and track various stages of a project. Additionally, it has the option to store invoices, contracts, and other documents in the cloud. Thanks to this, every authorized employee has quick and constant access to necessary data. The software has a user-friendly interface and offers easy-to-use functions. With the mobile application, you also can manage your invoices from anywhere. HoneyBook can be integrated with Zapier, Gmail, and Google Calendar, among others. This software costs $34 per month, and you test it for 14 days free with no payment information required.

Software For Bigger Businesses

This tool, first and foremost, offers well-designed proposals. The Qwilr editor is similar to a classic document editor and has easy-to-use templates. Using this tool saves time and eliminates busywork. You can use it to create proposals in minutes and share them through secure links. It also has a great, minimalist design that will convince many users. Qwilr has a feature that allows you to analyze uploaded documents, and it allows you to protect them with passwords, time limits, and view limits too. Qwilr also has integration with HubSpot, Slack, Xero, and Zapier, among others. The Business plan for up to three users is available for $75 per month or $66 per month when paid annually, while the Enterprise option for up to ten users is available for $460 per month.

This tool enables you to create quotes, invoices, and purchase orders, to build reports, and manage product databases. What’s more, QuoteWerks is packed with features ranging from electronic signing, to have knowledge about when documents are viewed, to branded quotes and proposals. It is useful for larger companies that expect a lot from one specific tool. QuoteWerks offers many integrations with tools for various purposes, including accounting, CRM, payment gateways, shipping, vendors, and distributors. There are over 55 of them available, so you will find integrations with FedEx, Outlook, Salesforce, ACT, and Google Contacts, among others. QuoteWerks has three pricing options: Standard Edition for $15, Professional Edition for $20, and Corporate Edition for $29 per month.

Better Proposals
This tool is designed for creating high-converting, easy-to-sign proposals in minutes. Better Proposals has 100+ templates that you can use to create a professional-looking proposal. This software shows you when clients read your proposals, keeping you well informed about the progress of a project. The tool also allows you to implement video into your proposals. Better Proposals software has integrations with Zapier, Trello, PayPal, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more! All of Better Proposal’s premium features are available with each of the paid plans: Starter for $19, Premium for $29, and Enterprise for $49 per month.

Software For Various Types Of Businesses

This tool, mainly designed for creative agencies, allows you to create an unlimited number of proposal templates, so it’s great if you send many of them each week or month. Nusii allows you to create professional proposals in a few minutes. Compared to traditional methods, your proposals can be signed in up to 52% less time! It also has an option to analyze sent proposals, so you can keep track of which ones generate the most profit. You can also integrate this tool with HubSpot, Pipedrive, Trello, Slack, Salesforce, Xero, and Zapier in any package you choose. Nusii comes with three plan options: Freelancer for $29 per month (5 active proposals, one user), Agency for $49 per month (20 active proposals, unlimited users), and business for $129 per month (50 active proposals, unlimited users).
Google Drive
In the free Google Drive package, you can use either Docs or Sheets. If you want to try something out for starting to streamline and speed up your business processes, this is the right solution. You can quickly send prepared documents and presentations via a link, and you also have the ability to set sharing options for those who can open the document. Working on documents in Google Drive is very simple and intuitive, but they do not have as many options as the competition. Templates in Sheets are not particularly easy to adapt to your brand image, so it’s most useful for sharing internal files within your team. However, Google Drive integrates with Adobe, Shutterstock, options from the G Suite Marketplace, and many other tools through Zapier. Access to this tool is free!

This software was created to share, track, and protect PDF documents. You can easily obtain a secure link to an uploaded document and send it via email or another communication tool. This tool’s main advantage is that you can have a better knowledge of who is viewing your document and gain advanced insights into users’ behavior on them thanks to Heatmaps. You can see how long a particular user has been reading a file and which pages they have opened. The HelpRange tool also gives you a lot of control over the documents you upload. You can restrict the ability to download and share files or limit the number of views. There is also the option to set a password for an uploaded file. If something goes wrong and you want to update your PDF, you can do so even after sending! HelpRange offers three packages: Light for $29 per month (up to 1,999 views), Silver for $45 per month (up to 5,999 views), Gold for $99 per month (up to 10,999 views).

An intuitive program for the rapid creation of customized, on-brand proposals. This is made possible primarily by smart collaboration tools, integrations with a number of CRMs, and a content library. Using PandaDoc will improve your document workflow to allow for increased productivity in your team, and it’s also an amazing experience for your customers! PandaDoc is well suited for areas such as: marketing, sales teams, revenue operations, customer success. This tool is an all-in-one document automation solution. However, despite having a multitude of functions, it remains intuitive and straightforward to use. You have two options to choose from: Essentials for $19 or Business for $49 per month. If you need more than that, you’re welcome to ask about setting up an Enterprise plan.


Each of these tools has unique features and are aimed at different types and sizes of businesses. Software like Formstack, Honeybook, and Bidsketch are best suited for small businesses. If your company has more employees, check out Qwilr, QuoteWerks, or Better Proposals. They will allow you to manage complex workflows perfectly. You can also use software that is dedicated to different types of businesses, regardless of the number of employees. For sending PDFs, we recommend Helprange to eliminate worries about their security. PandaDoc will work well in many areas such as marketing, sales teams, revenue operations, or customer success. Nusii is perfect for creative agencies, while Google Drive is for uploading internal company files. Find the ideal solution for your business from any of them!

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