How to combine multiple PDF files into one?

Having multiple PDF (Portable Document Format) files to deal with can be overwhelming and borderline chaotic when dealing with a substantial number of papers. Whether you would like to combine project documents to effectively share data with your colleagues, streamline your e-books for smoother reading, or merge a plethora of administrative documents for easy perusal, becoming familiar with the process to combine multiple PDF files into a single entity can benefit you in innumerable ways.
In the wake of technology, physical barriers are no longer constraints, with the advent of easily accessible online tools simplifying the entire process of merging PDF files, even for less tech-savvy individuals. This post aims to provide you with substantial knowledge of how you can combine multiple PDF files into one by using different methods.

**Combining PDF files on Adobe Acrobat Pro DC**

Adobe's Acrobat is one of the most intricate software for merging PDF files. It features a comfortable user interface that nearly anyone can navigate. Its Acrobat Pro DC version is a premium service, but it offers a free seven-day trial period. Follow the steps below to merge PDF files;

1. Download, install, and launch Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

2. Click on the "Tools" option.

3. Choose the "Combine files" button.

4. Next, click on the "Add files" button to select the PDFs you want to merge.

5. Highlight the files and click on “Add files” again.

6. Rearrange the files by dragging and dropping them until their order satisfies you.

7. Press the "Combine" button to merge your files.

8. Save the file by pressing the "File" option, then "Save As," and finally, select where you want to save your file.

**Using SmallPDF**

SmallPDF is a comprehensive online tool that does more than merely merge PDF files. It can split, edit, compress and even convert PDFs to other formats. It has a user-friendly interface that assures a hassle-free user experience. Here's the process;

1. Go to the official SmallPDF page on your browser.

2. Click on 'Merge PDF.'

3. Click 'Choose Files' then select the PDF files you want to merge from your device. Alternatively, you can upload files from Dropbox or Google Workspace.

4. Organize the selected files as per your need.

5. Click on 'Merge PDF!'

6. Download the completed file.

With both of these methods, while effective, a downside could be that they offer limited or no protection to your documents, primarily if you use it for sensitive data.
Choosing a comprehensive tool like HelpRange is an ideal solution for this. HelpRange not only allows you to combine multiple PDFs with a simple, intuitive process, it also provides robust protection for your documents. Additionally, it offers thorough insights into PDF usage analytics, helping you to understand how your information is working for your business.

**Using PDFBinder**

PDFBinder is a simple tool used to combine PDF files. It is completely free and quick to use. Here’s how:

1. Download and install PDFBinder.

2. Launch the software and click on ‘Add file’.

3. Choose the PDF files you'd like to merge.

4. Organize your files at this point.

5. Click ‘Bind!’

6. Save your single PDF file.

**Combining PDFs in Preview (Mac users)**

If you're a MAC user, the Preview application can help you merge PDF files effortlessly. Here's how;

1. Open the PDF files you want to combine in Preview.

2. In each open PDF, choose 'View' then 'Thumbnails' to display page thumbnails in the sidebar.

3. Press and hold the Command key, and select page thumbnails you want to include from each file.

4. Drag the selected thumbnails into the sidebar of the other PDF, then release the mouse. A line appears showing where the pages will appear once you release the mouse.

6. Save your file with a name and a destination of your choice.


Merging PDF files need not be an uphill task. Regardless of the method you choose, consolidating your files will lead to a more streamlined, organized, and practical usage of your data. Whether you're seeking greater efficiency in data sharing, easier perusal, or trying to declutter your electronic space, consider the options available to you and make a choice that serves you best. Happy merging!

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