How to protect my pitch deck online?

In the modern world, the digital landscape forms an integral part of any business. Every entity, irrespective of its nature or size, leverages the power of the internet to promote its products, network with potential partners, or pitch ideas to investors. A pitch deck, in this scenario, forms a critical asset to any professional, especially start-ups and entrepreneurs. It is a unique representation of your business and contains specific, sensitive information that you wouldn't want to fall into wrong hands. Therefore, protecting your pitch deck online becomes a priority. In this detailed guide, we will walk you through the steps to effectively safeguard your pitch deck in the online world.
Before we delve into the details, it is essential to understand what a pitch deck is. A pitch deck is a brief presentation that provides your audience, especially potential investors, with a quick overview of your business plan. You usually use it during face-to-face or online meetings with prospective investors, customers, partners, and co-founders.

**How to protect my pitch deck online?**

**1. Using Secure Document Management Tools:**

Leveraging secure document management tools is one of the most reliable ways to protect your pitch deck online. These tools, like Microsoft's OneDrive or Google's G Suite, provide several sharing and privacy settings that you can tailor according to your requirements. Another similar tool is HelpRange, which offers robust PDF/document protection functions suitable for protecting sensitive documents like a pitch deck.

**2. Limiting Access with Permission Settings:**

Almost all document management tools come with the permission settings feature. Before sharing your pitch deck, ensure that you adjust the permissions according to the recipient's role. Your pitch deck should be available only for the people who need to see it, and you should restrict their abilities to edit or forward it.

**3. Password Protection:**

Add another security layer by password-protecting the PDF containing your pitch deck. This way, even if the document happens to fall into wrong hands, it would still be protected by a password that only you and intended users know.

**4. Use Watermarks:**

Adding watermarks to your pitch deck can discourage the unethical use of your content. Watermarks can carry your brand logo, company name, or simply the word "Confidential." It is a psychological deterrent that indicates that the information in the document is proprietary and not for general consumption.

**5. Leveraging Document Tracking Services:**

This technique empowers you with the knowledge of when, where, and how the document was accessed. Some tools enable you to track if the recipient has opened your email, read your document, and spent any significant time on any specific slide. Tracking services can thus provide usage analytics that can help you gauge the interest of the recipient in your pitch.

**6. Regular Updates and Revoking Access:**

Regularly updating your pitch deck and changing the permission settings can also enhance the security of your document. If you have shared your pitch deck with a potential investor who declines your proposition, it is safe to revoke their access to the document and reevaluate your sharing settings.

**7. Use Encryption:**

Using encryption tools can add another security layer to your pitch deck protection. It converts your document into an unreadable format that can only be reconverted using a unique key, providing top-notch safety against cyber threats.

**8. Ensure Secure Delivery:**

All your efforts can go in vain if the delivery of your pitch deck isn't secure. One safe option is to deliver the document in person. However, in this digital era, face-to-face meetings aren't always feasible or necessary. Hence, use secure email services with end-to-end encryption.

**9. Avoid Public Wi-Fi:**

Public Wi-Fi is a playground for hackers. If you are uploading, accessing, or sharing your pitch deck on public Wi-Fi, you are making your sensitive information vulnerable. Always use a secure and private network for such activities.

**10. Network Security:**

Lastly, ensure that your business network is secure. Regularly update your passwords, use firewalls, and perform routine checks to detect and avert any potential risks.
In conclusion, the importance of safeguarding your pitch deck cannot be overstated. Protection measures can be varied, from password protection and encryption to network safety. Tools like HelpRange can provide added security. Remember, securing your data is crucial for your business's integrity and success. So, follow these guidelines and maintain a tactical edge over cyber threats.

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