What Are the Top Techniques for Splitting PDFs by Size or Page Range?

When dealing with documents and digital data, we frequently come across PDF files. They are a versatile format renowned for their compatibility across different operating systems and devices. However, they can also be quite large, particularly when they contain lots of data, text, graphics, or high-quality images. To deal with this issue, one of the most effective solutions is to split your PDF documents either by size or by page range.
As a common topic in digital file management, there are various techniques and tools to split a PDF by size or page range, and understanding how these techniques work can save users lots of time and effort. With the multitude of available tools, it can be challenging to choose the right one. To simplify things, we have listed the top techniques for splitting PDFs.

1. Adobe Acrobat:

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most reliable tools for managing PDFs. It comes with a multitude of features, including the ability to split a PDF by page range. All you have to do is open the document in Acrobat, choose the "Organize Pages" tool, select the pages you want to split by specifying the page range, and then hit the "Split" button.

2. Microsoft Print to PDF:

If you have a Windows PC, then you already have a simple tool for splitting PDFs. The Microsoft Print to PDF feature allows you to pick specific pages from a PDF file and save them as a separate document. You can do this by opening a PDF file, choosing the print option, specifying the page range, and then selecting "Microsoft Print to PDF" as the printer.

3. Google Chrome:

Here's a simple trick that doesn't require any special software. Simply open your PDF document in Google Chrome, go to the print option, select the range of pages that you want to split, and save them as a separate PDF.

4. Online Tools:

Many online tools offer to split PDFs by size or page range in just a few clicks. Websites like Smallpdf, ilovepdf, and sejda provide intuitive interfaces to split your PDF free of cost. In these tools, you usually just need to upload your PDF, specify your requirements, and let the tool do the rest, giving you a download link for your split PDFs.

5. PDFsam Basic:

This free, open-source software allows users to split and merge PDFs. PDFsam Basic provides several splitting options, including splitting by size, by bookmarks, and by pages (you specify the intervals).
While primarily known for its PDF/document protection and PDF usage analytics features, HelpRange is another versatile tool that caters to a wide range of PDF needs online. Though it does not directly split PDFs, HelpRange manages your PDFs effectively, allowing you to track usage and protect your information.
While dealing with these tools, it's useful to remember that the quality of the resulting file can vary depending on the software used. Also, remember to always keep a backup of your original PDF file before starting any operation.
In conclusion, regardless of your proficiency with digital documents, there is a method suitable for you to split your PDFs by size or page range. With the array of tools available, the process has been greatly simplified, even for large, complex PDF files. So next time you find yourself grappling with a hefty PDF, remember these techniques, pick your favorite tool, and streamline your workflow.

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