How to Sell Your PDFs on Amazon

If you have written a textbook, an eBook or any other digital content, you can quickly distribute and sell it through Amazon. With Amazon as your digital seller, expect a ready-made, available audience of millions at your fingertips. In this article, we’ll explore how you can upload and sell your PDFs on Amazon.

Steps to sell your PDFs on Amazon

- Step 1 - Create an Amazon KDP Account: Navigate to kdp.amazon.com and create a Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account by filling out the necessary information. It is a free registration. Ensure that you provide the correct details, including the bank account you would like to use for payments.
- Step 2 - Prepare Your PDFs: Before you proceed with uploading your document, you’ll need to ensure that it is formatted correctly. Below are some formatting requirements which you need to consider:

- Use page size of 8.5 inches by 11 inches (21.59 cm by 27.94 cm)

- Set your PDF margins up to .5 inches (1.27 cm)

- Utilize high-quality images and typesetting to enhance readability of your document

- Eliminate all active hyperlinks from the document if exists, since the Kindle conversion does not support active links.

- Number all of your pages.

- Ensure all images have a resolution of up to 300 DPI.

- Convert your documents into digital format, ready for upload. Popular formats include Word Document (DOCX), PDF and HTML.
- Step 3 - Upload PDFs on Amazon: Navigate to your KDP homepage and click on “Create New Title.” On the new page, enter the details of your eBook/document content. Here’s what you need to provide:

- Title, subtitle, series name

- Author or contributor names

- Synopsis or Book Description

- About the author

- ISBN(optional)

After filling in this information, attach the PDF documents, add keywords, and select the pricing to set up your payment plan. Complete all the necessary details on the following screens such as copyright, author rights, metadata, etc. Once completed, click “Publish Your eBook” and your PDFs will become live online.
- Step 4 - Monitor and manage your Sell: You can now check your sales in KDP's report section, which will help you to keep track of your earnings, page reads and royalties.

Tips to Enhance Your PDF Book Sales on Amazon

1. Hire a professional editor: Hire an editor to proofread and edit your document to ensure that it is free of errors and grammar mistakes.
2. Optimize your title: Ensure that your title is appropriate and optimized for Amazon search. Consider using keywords that are aligned with your subject matter.
3. Price competitively: Price your eBook competitively with other books in your niche market. An ideal price range should not be higher than $9.99 and lower than $0.99.
4. Leverage Amazon marketing: You can take advantage of Amazon marketing services to advertise your book for a higher traffic flow and more potential customers.
5. Encourage reviews: Encourage your readers to give reviews to your books. Positive reviews boost your sales and increase your visibility on Amazon.


Selling PDFs on Amazon can be a profitable undertaking when done correctly. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can successfully upload and sell your PDF on Amazon. Remember that it takes more than uploading your book, and a few marketing strategies can go a long way in boosting your sales.

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