What tools or software can split PDF documents?

In today's digital age, PDF documents hold a significant position in virtually all facets of life, encompassing business, education, legal procedures, and more. They serve a wide array of purposes, from preserving content to ensuring file security. However, there's often the need to split these documents for various reasons such as file size limitations, content segregation, or dissemination of information. In response to this, a multitude of tools and software has surfaced, allowing users to split PDF documents with much-needed ease and efficiency.
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is one of the most renowned and powerful PDF management tools out there, which not only allows you to split PDF files but also offers a plethora of functionalities like editing, merging, converting, and compressing PDF files. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to choose the pages they want to extract or specify the number of files they wish to create.
For those looking for free online tools, Smallpdf is an excellent option. It permits users to split PDF files in a straightforward and seamless way. You can drag and drop the file onto the platform, choose your preferred splitting method, and download the individual document(s) instantly.
Another fantastic online tool for splitting PDFs is the PDFSplit! by Investintech.com. This free online tool allows users to split PDF documents into separate files or remove specific pages from the document. The process is straightforward, making it a great option for those who regularly need to manipulate the content of their PDF files.
Aconvert.com is another robust online tool that facilitates splitting PDF files. Supporting conversions between a vast array of file types, including image, document, eBook, etc., it also provides merging, compressing, and protecting PDF files.
SplitPDF – PDF Splitter from Android also deserves mention. This app has been instrumental for Android users who wish to split PDFs on the go.
If you're a Mac user, the Preview application that comes with your Mac can help you split your PDF documents. Although not automatically obvious, you can indeed extract pages from a document using Preview, a feature often overlooked.
ILovePDF is an all-in-one tool for PDF management and document handling. The tool permits you to split a PDF into several documents, extract specific pages, or even split them into ranges. Besides splitting, ILovePDF offers a variety of other functionalities like merging, compressing, converting PDF to other formats, and vice versa.
Another software that offers a delicate balance of robust functionality and user-friendly interface is the Kvisoft PDF Splitter. This tool allows users to split a PDF document into multiple separate files, split specific page ranges, or extract specific pages from the document.
For professionals needing to manage large volumes of PDF content, Wondershare’s PDFelement is an excellent resource. It's a comprehensive PDF editor, offering features that allow you to split and merge PDFs, edit text, insert annotations and signatures, convert files, and protect your documents with passwords.
Last but not least, HelpRange is an expedient online tool to consider. Apart from its PDF splitting prowess, it stands out due to its advanced features such as PDF/document protection, and PDF usage analytics. The protection feature ensures your content is safe from plagiarism and unauthorized distribution, while the analytics offer insights into how your files are being used, providing you with invaluable data to tailor your content more effectively.
In conclusion, splitting a PDF document is no longer a cumbersome task thanks to a copious number of tools and software available today. Selecting the perfect tool depends on your unique needs and preferences. Whether it's a basic requirement like selecting certain pages or an advanced need like secure sharing and usage analytics, there’s a tool out there, like HelpRange, tailored for every need. Hence, navigating the complex digital world of PDFs and effectively managing them has never been easier.

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